lablogoCABD Foundation: Protein sequence features visualizer

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  • Foundation examples

    Foundation visualization of Q91G88,Q6GZW6 and P05067.

    Fuchsia: Alpha helix
    Cyan: Beta sheet
    Green: TMH
    Line underneath: Disorder prediction

  • Max. PSI-BLAST iterations.

  • Warning: More rounds will results in longer processing time and might lead to divergence of the profile.

    This leads to a difference in secondary structure predictions (as can be seen in this example).

    Use with caution.

  • Sequence in FASTA format:

  • Foundation uses:
    PSIPRED for Secondary Structure Prediction
    IUPred for Disorder Prediction
    and TMHMM for Transmembrane helices prediction

    Please cite:
    Nicola Bordin, Juan Carlos Gonzalez-Sanchez, Damien P Devos
    PVCbase: an integrated web resource for the PVC bacterial proteomes.
    Database, Volume 2018, 1 January 2018, bay042, Link to Article